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About this Boston Magician


Chandler discovered his passion for magic as a teenager.  Despite his success in performing paid shows by the time he was 16, his father, an Aerospace Engineer for NASA, wasn’t keen on his son’s idea of becoming a professional magician over attending college and getting a real job.  So, when Chandler graduated high school, he got a real job and joined the U.S. Army. His father was stunned!


During his service, Chandler was trained as a combat engineer, long-range reconnaissance scout and Airborne Ranger. Chandler has over one-hundred parachute jumps, (mostly nighttime). After several deployments, he desperately needed a creative outlet, so he went back to his childhood hobby of magic, and soon began performing at private and corporate events. Heeding his father’s original Advice, Chandler completed college and graduated summa cum laude, majoring in Operations Management.  


Today, this Boston  Magician is a nationally acclaimed entertainer.  His award-winning magic has taken him across the country. In between his corporate and theater shows, Chandler stars in New York City’s longest running magic show “Monday Night Magic” where he has performed for the last seven years. He’s also been a featured performer at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and the World famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.  His powerful magic and skill, along with his charm and humor make him a favorite among clients, such as Porsche, Coca Cola, Amazon, Intel Corporation, and many more.  Today, Chandler continues to be a favorite among discerning entertainment buyers in Boston and nationwide. 

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  Boston Magician plays Con Artist

Playing one of his favorite characters, Chandler is the son of a nefarious gambler and used car salesman turned Magician in Boston.  at a very young age, he learned the underhanded ways his father had taught him. Destined to become a con artist at the age of seventeen, he feared that this would lead to a life of crime, so he discovered a more legitimate and respectable way to use his skills-- as a magician!  


While His magic is impressive, don’t let his humor and charming personality fool you. Beneath it all, he’s nothing more than a professional liar and cunning sleight-of-hand artist, but only his closest confidants know it.